Friday, June 5, 2009

Jewelry Trends - What's Hot?

This week found the largest jewelry market show in the world happening in Las Vegas. The 17th annual JCK Las Vegas hosted jewelry retailers from 72 countries and a whopping 3,100 manufacturers and suppliers from more than 20 countries. So, what were the trends and topics most discussed?
Jewelry inspired by our new, and wonderfully fashionable, First Lady was a hot item. Her classic pearls and statement necklaces seem to be resonating with a lot of American women. "Green" jewelry and nature inspired themes were also very popular. Russell Simmons spoke to a large group about his initiative to stop the sale of African conflict diamonds, and recycled metal was also at the top of the social agenda. For those of you wondering, we here at Echo are huge supporters of socially conscious buying, and manufacturing processes. We use recycled metals and are happy to source conflict-free diamonds for any of our clients.
What else had people buzzing? Colored stones - especially black diamonds. We are about to launch a fabulous new men's line featuring these hot gems, so stay tuned!
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